Love and Romance: Are you Dancing the Dance of Love?

Are you looking for a fun idea to add love and romance to your relationship? If you want to dance the dance of love this may be for you…

When a client of mine came to me asking what she might do to surprise her husband for their anniversary I asked her what she had in mind. She complained there had not been much interactive fun in her relationship and so she wanted to do something that they could enjoy together.

Since she loved to dance, we decided to create a Tango themed evening for her and her man in their home. It had been ages since she indulged her dancing passion so she was very excited to create a night of love and romance with some sensual tango tunes.

She later shared that when she put on the long satin red gloves and black fishnet stockings, her whole attitude changed and she became the tango. She felt alive, sexy, confident, and playful. Her husband responded so favorably to her alluring attitude that they danced and laughed for hours. She said he hasn’t stopped talking about their dance of love for weeks and they both agree it was one of the best nights of their marriage.

So, now it’s your turn. Invite your lover to tango for a memorable night of love and romance.