Living in the Moment

Tonight I had a last minute offer to take a belly dancing class and found myself coming up with all sorts of reasons why it was too short of notice. Then I stopped and said to myself, “Sherri, you’ve always wanted to take belly dancing – be spontaneous and get movin’ girl.” In other words, seize the day!

This is what I teach for heavens sake – live in the moment…have fun…do what makes you happy…step outside the box…BE spontaneous. And here I was fighting with my own advice. So I want to say, I understand when you resist and put pleasure on the back burner – it’s the first instinct, especially when you’ve got a to do list a mile long.  Oh my how I get seduced by penning those delicious check off’s – really I understand!!

But I’m here to tell you – abandon your lists, don’t listen to your sensibility, free yourself and have fun! Live in the present moment and mix things up – trust me, that check off list isn’t going anywhere.
I had so much fun tonight I stayed for the next class…burlesque – whooohooo. I fully expressed my feminine creative Self and it felt fantastic!

So the next time you have a choice between getting something done or getting playful -flip to fun – you will be glad you did!