Life Long Friends Are the Joy of Life!

What was the highlight of your week-end?

Mine was getting together with my dearest of friends to celebrate Alex’s birthday…see him in the photo – he’s the handsome Italian in black! We had a blast at a charming, intimate, Indian restaurant in Westwood sharing family stories, reliving travel tales,  talking philosophy and just connecting.

The evening reminded me how precious friends are – the true joy of life.  Where would we be without our core group of peeps. They love you, laugh with you, and help you face your insecurities. They bring you chocolate when you’re down and champagne when you’re on fire.  Every adventure is made more fun when your fab friends are by your side to share the experience and give you the courage to step outside your comfort zone and try new things.

With everyone’s life spiraling out of control with stress and responsibilities – it’s super important to make the time to connect – to get and give that special nourishment to each other, reminding us who we are and what’s important.

I don’t know about you but I thank God for the pinky swear pact my friends and I made years ago to stay a part of each others life, no matter what challenges and changes have transpired. There is nothing as comforting as the familiarity of old friends who know you inside and out and love you for everything you are.

So take a moment and give a silent prayer of thanks for each and every
one of your pals and then let them know via card, call, email or text how grateful you are for their love and
support. Friends are definitely the joy of life!