Learn to respond, not react

“We are always at choice at how we want to look at everything. What we call little, what we call big, and I use that constantly in my life to change my perception of things… to change how I’m looking at it. Which changes how I’m thinking and feeling about it. Which changes everything.”

No matter what you are going through, and we are ALL going through something, it comes down to choice. You have a choice in responding or reacting.
Reacting is natural and automatic in humans. Responding takes awareness of your own thinking and choice in how you want to show up. It also takes practice.

Reacting can create negative emotions like anger which might lead to fighting or despair. On the other hand when you thoughtfully respond to a situation, you are aligned with your inner diamond power giving you wisdom and the strength to move forward.

In my interview with Cyn, she talks about how her biggest fear came true, how she turned it around by the choices that she made in her life and what the real MIRACLE was in her tragedy.  

Sparkling Love,