How to Lead With Love Interview

This month I was interviewed by Crystal Davis on How to Lead with Love for her series Discover and Deliver Your Dreams 2012.

How do you create relationship in the workplace? As a woman that can be confusing – most of us have grown up sourcing our power in a masculine way in the working world. This often leaves you feeling drained, out of balance and cranky because you’re not anchored in your authentic feminine power. The key is to lead with love.

Being conscious that you are leading with love will ensure you develop authentic connections in both your professional and personal life.

I was recently interviewed on this topic and shared tips on the following:
1) How to stay in feminine and create vision for team that focuses on collaboration
2) How to really listen and make others feel heard
3) How to make others feel special
4) How to be in your feminine without feeling weak
5) How to motivate others for team results
6) Improve your connection with others with heart exercise

While attending a workshop this month I heard 90% of all employees will quit when the economy turns around because they don’t feel valued by their bosses. This is pretty staggering, isn’t it? It really highlights the need to lead with your heart, create collaboration and team vision so you make others not only feel like they are part of the whole but extremely valuable as well.

Whether you are an employee or in management would love to hear your thoughts on this after you listen to the interview:-)