Laughing Lures Men

Laughing Lures Men
Are your social activities helping or hurting your love life?

Do you spend your free time in ways that either deepen your relationship or provide the opportunity to meet new people?

Whether you are single or in a committed relationship if you want a luscious love life you’ll need to make sure your social life is in sync with the life you want to create!

Be honest. Are you spending your free time holed up in your own home or focused on completing your to-do list? If you are, yet deeply desire a loving relationship you’ll need to make some serious changes.

Engaging in activities that leave you feeling unfulfilled, bored or disconnected will pull your energy down, making you less attractive and creating the opposite affect of what you want.

So make a conscious choice to reclaim your playful spirit. Be open, adventurous and daring!

When you start having fun you will activate your inner sparkle and this in-love-with-life attitude will make you irresistible to the opposite sex.

Plan of Action:
Many of my clients use a Fun Journal – why not give it a try? Turn the first page into an index of 20 social situations that support your relationship goals and then act on one/week. Write about the outcome.

Here are 5 fun activities to get your journal started:
1) salsa dancing
2) clubs
3) day trips
4) sporting events
5) festival concert

Get your sparkle on and you’ll draw in or create the relationship of your dreams!