Joy – How to Become Joyful

Joy in action!
I’ve been having a conversation with one of my colleagues about being that which you want in life. In other words if you want more love in your life you have to BE love yourself, if you want more prosperity you need to FEEL prosperous etc., and it’s not suppose to be a struggle!!

I have many clients who say life overwhelms them and they find it difficult to get what they want. It all boils down to focus. What we focus on. If we constantly think about the things in our life we are not happy about we unfortunately just draw more of the same – it’s where we are vibrating…

And when we allow everyone else’s needs to dictate our life it can feel like a struggle to achieve what we want….the last few days I’ve had several great messages about just this thing – this morning I was reading a psalm and it talked about giving all your troubles up to God ( I say put it in your God Box! ) and enjoy your life! Leave the worrying behind!

Yesterday a good friend emailed me this message from Abraham Hicks who I’ve followed on and off for years. I want to share it with you since it’s such a wonderful reminder to change our perspective to one of joy, no matter what!

” Life is supposed to be fun. You said, “I’ll go forth and choose. I’ll look at the data, and I’ll say yes to this and yes to this and yes to this; and I’ll paint a picture of the things that I want, and I’ll vibrate about them because that’s what I’m giving my attention to. And the Universe will respond to my vibration. And then I’ll stand in a new place where a whole new batch of yeses are available, and I’ll say yes to this and yes to this and yes to this.” You did not say, “I’ll go forth and struggle into joy,” because from your Nonphysical Perspective you know it is vibrationally not possible. You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come.” ~Abraham

So, what can you do today to put yourself in a place of joy? Make a list of 10 things that bring you joy so that you will have a quick reference – if you are so stressed out you can’t think of what brings you joy whip out your list and you’ll be reminded instantly! Don’t laugh, I’ve heard this from many clients! Best be prepared!

To YOUR joy!