I’ve been thinking of you and want to give you this…

Pic_WomanInLoveWithSelf2I’ve been thinking about you and want to give you a free Sparkle consult…Yay!

I just cleared my schedule to make sure we have a chance to chat…

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from ladies about the upcoming SPARKLE group coaching program and you may also be wondering if this is the right course for you – or if some other course or coaching might be a better fit…

Because truthfully this program isn’t for everyone…

It’s a great fit if you’re really looking to get unstuck quickly and become the most happy, love-filled version of yourself by summer.

If this sounds like YOU:

Claim your free consult right now by clicking here or by going directly to my online scheduler:


***If you don’t see a time that accommodates your busy life, please send an email to Sherri@UnleashYourSparkle.com with “Love to chat Sherri!” in the subject line and 3-4 time options (include your time zone) between Monday the 2nd and Friday the 6th and we will get you scheduled)

Even though I’ve cleared my schedule next week there are still a very limited amount and they will go fast…

To give you an idea what’s possible for you, here are some successes happening right now in the current SPARKLE group:

“I have been doing the Psych-K exercise regularly since Sherri introduced it to me in the program: “I am enough just as I am for myself and for others.” Intellectually, I have known this for some time but the exercise has helped me to allow this belief into my Heart and my Body. Feeling and knowing that I am enough helps me to walk through the world with more confidence and to be more compassionate with myself and with others.” ~ R.F., Vermont

“…I have recommitted to myself. My new belief is, “I am worthy of a loving and respectful relationship”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing my sparkle back!” ~ S.J., UK

“ In the visualization exercise I was able to feel the love within myself and don’t need to depend on other people for approval or love. I was able to feel that I don’t need to be the most important person to someone else. I now know I am important because I was created by GODS hands…thank you SHERRI…” ~ D.F. Netherlands

If you are clear you want to have more confidence, sparkle and self-love in your life grab your appointment with me now before they’re all gone:

Book your free private consult right here 

I can’t wait to chat with you!

Smiling hugs,