Is your heart open to happiness? To love?

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I just had the most exhilarating experience – an early morning bike ride from the summit of Maui’s Haleakala volcano with a group of vacationing adventure seekers (that’s me and my soul sister Saskia with our fearless biking leader in the pic above.) As we winded down the road for 26 miles I felt fantastically alive with the wind on my skin, the beauty of the island, and the thrill of the ride shared with new friends. I am feeling so lit up and happy!

This trip was a huge reminder of what happens when you stay open and listen to your heart. It inspires newness, brings passion back into your life filling you with happiness. Wow, so simple, right? Sometimes we forget how easy it is to become happy. We forget we are always creating our lives with our behavior, thoughts, ideas.

How to open your heart to happiness and love

I recently watched a documentary on Happiness and how to achieve that in your life. What they said is that the key to happiness lay in the following formula or 5 must haves:

  1. Playfulness
  2. Gratitude
  3. Family
  4. Acts of Kindness
  5. Connection (to others)

Funny enough, these same 5 must haves for happiness are the same 5 must haves for opening yourself up for a love connection.

Let’s go into a bit more detail on each and see how these all tie into growing your chances for happiness and a love connection.

Playfulness: What does that even mean? Well, ask yourself, do you know how to have fun? To play and let your ‘hair down’? To be a bit silly? Being playful equates to not taking yourself too seriously, and to enjoying having fun, and to stop worrying about how you might look or what others think of you! Just enjoy the moment and let yourself go! Not only will this bring you more joy, men love women who know how to have fun!

Gratitude: When you can look at your life and say, wow, I am grateful to have air to breathe, a roof over my head, a job that puts food in the fridge, wonderful friends who I adore, my health…and the list goes on… then your focus shifts from the negative of what you don’t have in your life to the positive of what you DO HAVE. It’s life changing! Your appreciation increases your vibration, increasing your ability to attract even more good things your way, not to mention a fabulous new outlook on life. When you live with gratitude in your heart, you will feel calmer, happier, more at peace and more open to what God/The Divine/Universe wants to grace you with.

When you live a life always wanting more, thinking what you have right now is not enough, wishing you had something different, your vibration is aligned with scarcity and neediness and it repels happiness. Definitely not a crowd-pleasing attitude! Men, and most people for that matter, do not want to be around someone who is always whining, complaining, never happy, never satisfied. Change your energetic vibration using gratitude and get ready for the flood of happiness in your life!

Family: I use the word family loosely – this could be your biological family, or the people in your life that are closest to you, that you hold dear to your heart like family. I have several girlfriends who are my soul sisters and I consider them family. They fill my heart with joy and love and I adore them. Stay connected with your family – if you are geographically close, make a point to see them as often as you can manage. Family dynamics aside, (and we all have that brother or sister we would rather not spend time with) share your love with your family and you will receive love back.

Family is very important in your formula for happiness and openness for a love connection in your life. Having connections to your loved ones keeps your heart open with the flow of giving and receiving. An attractive and alluring vibe to be flaunting!

Acts of Kindness: Last month my best friend drove 2 hours, on HER Mother’s day, and spent a few days helping me pack up for my big move. When she offered I was like What?! Seriously? It’s your Mother’s day! I was so touched I cried. All the overwhelm I had been feeling left – her support and act of kindness changed my entire outlook on the enormous task at hand. I felt so appreciative and incredibly happy!

That feeling inspired me to acts of kindness – a welcoming card and bouquet of flowers left in the kitchen for the new homeowners, leaving an anonymous bunch of flowers on a random doorstep in the neighborhood (I’m big on flowers LOL). And I will continue to do things because it feels so good!

Acts of kindness can be to strangers, or it can be to your friends, anyone really. Calling your girlfriend up who you know is having a tough time and telling her that you’re dropping by with her favorite cupcakes is an act of kindness. Helping others when they least expect it is an act of kindness, and the best part? The amazing feeling you get when you do this multiplies, it compounds and grows! It’s just another way to change your overall energetic vibration in this world, and increases your overall happiness and attractiveness to others.

Connections: If you never get out, if you only ever go to work, and stay home, your ability to make connections to others is severely limited. Simply adding in something new to your life, like going to a cooking class or to the beach or biking down a volcano like I did today opens up your ability to connect with others. That’s step one – getting out there. The second step is actually making connections. It’s not enough to be out there and not speak or talk to others. You gotta make the effort to meet new people. I always talk to people, total strangers! By talking to people, and genuinely wanting to connect, I’ve met some incredible people who have become friends, love interest and even met some women who’ve turned into clients! It’s incredible what making simple connections can do. You never know who you will meet and who knows who.

Connections are key, to making new friends, new business for yourself as well as finding love. Always stay open to making new connections!

If you practice the 5 simple steps to happiness above, you will 100% change how you are showing up in this world, you will open yourself up to so much more beauty and happiness and yes, LOVE.

Practice these 5 steps as often as you can, I have them on stickies on my bedroom mirror, to remind me to keep myself open to happiness and love of all kinds, and let me tell you dear heart, it’s so worth it.

How are you opening your life to happiness, love and a fuller connection with yourself? Do you have a plan for success?

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