Last week-end, while at a Barbara DeAngelis Goddess retreat I
was sitting around a breakfast 
table with some of my sister Goddess’s – all very
empowered women. The topic of intuition came up – how do you know when and what to listen to?

We were all a bit 
confused about how to distinguish
 an an
 ego driven idea ( trick) or an authentic intuitive nudge (treat). 

We all looked to
our beautiful soul sister for 
the answer – Joan Marie Whelan,
known Intuitive Specialist.  As she began to 
share her
wisdom I saw all eyes around
 the table light up with understanding…and I 
thought, my
Sparkling Goddess’s NEED this information!!!

Every woman needs this info to make smart decisions
based in your heart,
NOT in your head!

 To know when your truth is trying to
 heard and when your ego mind is trying to
Trick you-taking you down the
wrong path!!!!

So I invited Joan Marie to share her wisdom with all of you and today @
10 am PST

 I will have the pleasure of interviewing my good friend and Intuitive extraordinaire – in fact she is known as the Intuition Girl!

She has promised to give you tips on:

•the difference between intuition and ego

•how to
open up and expand your intuition

•how you can set the tone to manifest your
hearts desires

•what to do to get out of your “story”

•how to use your
intuition for a happier,
 healthier and EASIER life!

On the eve of
Halloween you won’t want to
Miss this
transformative call

Register now at: