Introducing The Divine Love Institute

After months of preparation, I am excited to announce the launch of my new brand and website, This is an evolution of my brand and you will see the website has been carefully designed to align with the heart of my mission, to help women, like you, come home to the truth, where you will be blessed with great joy, love, and miracles.

On the topic of Divine Love, I am honored and thrilled to bring you an intimate conversation with my mentor and friend, Mary Morrissey. In this interview, she shares both her losses and the miracle of divine love that allowed her to come out on the other side better than before.

Many people are attached to the idea that they would just be happy if they found themselves in the right romantic relationship. We are trained to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment and love. Mary shares the profound truth she discovered that got her through the dark night of her soul…

Tune in to learn the source and power Mary discovered.

She teaches us how we can begin to build an internal relationship with the love you desire, and when we do, Mary Morrissey says we will live a happier, more fulfilled life.

With Love,

PS – After you listen to the interview: Check Out The Divine Love Institute