I Envisioned Success and Made It Happen!

photo (2)I want you to pretend you are in a race tomorrow and you are determined to win it. (Stay with me beautiful, I’m not always about races but this is leading to an IMPORTANT point I want to share with you that will make a HUGE difference in your life results).

It doesn’t matter how long the race is, or what kind of exercise, (running, or swimming for example). I just want you to think about the fact you are determined to win. Would you now be thinking about what you need to do to be ready?

Kind of exciting, right? Ok lets keep going.

How much did you train? What was your diet like? Did you get enough sleep? What do you need to eat the day of your race so you have enough fuel to win?

And most importantly – what about your win strategy? Yes your win strategy. How are you going to ensure your win? Any ideas?

Here’s a hint, it’s called visualizing or envisioning, and it’s a strategy employed all over the world with amazing results by pro athletes and big time business people.

This is how Olympians win medals, and how top CEO’s make fortunes. Best thing is, you can learn how to do this and make your own magic happen.

Want to know more?

The other night I was invited to a charity event – and here in Los Angeles big gala’s can be rather intimidating. The morning of I was wishing I hadn’t agreed to go and feeling kind of nervous. I’m not a fan of crowds and I’m actually pretty shy in a big group!

But I decided that I needed to push my boundaries, because sometimes those things you don’t want to do the most you end up having the most fun/success. Stepping outside your comfort zone leads to growth, confidence and amazing things on the other side!

I really wanted the night to go well, and I thought the best thing I could do is sort of ‘rev’ myself up, to help me get through my resistance in going to this event.

So I did what the pro’s do, I envisioned the night being an amazing success. While I got dressed to go, I thought about what I would do from the moment I parked my car at the event to the moment I left.

While I was getting my car washed, I sat in the car, water spraying around me outside the windows and I envisioned myself laughing, having a great time and when the night was over driving home with the BIGGEST SMILE on my face you have ever seen.

I also envisioned making three new connections at the event and one of them was going to be the amazing Bob Proctor, who I knew would be at the event and who I’d always wanted to talk to. I thought of how it would feel to talk to him, and how happy I was going to be to meet new people, and enjoy myself. I really let myself FEEL how happy I was going to be.

The moment of truth came when I drove up to the event; and you are not going to believe me but I swear this is TOTALLY TRUE!

As I’m about to park my car, I see none other than Bob Proctor getting out of his car right in front of me! Seriously?

When I get to the lobby for the event, he’s still there, standing in a small group that’s chatting. And I thought, here’s my moment, GO TALK TO HIM! (Normally I’d just keep walking, and be too shy to say anything).

So I walked up to him, said hi and told him that I was really hoping I’d meet him that night, and he said, well then GIVE ME A HUG.

W.O.W.!! Could this really be happening?! I was on cloud nine!!

True to my vision I did make two other incredible connections later that night.

The moral? You guessed it, this stuff works!!!

Here’s why this works. When you train for a race, you are training your body and mind to become stronger so you can actually compete in the race. You are conditioning your body and mind to know what to expect and how to respond to it.

Same goes for envisioning. You are mentally training yourself to achieve your goal. There’s been studies where scientists have hooked athletes up to heart monitors and machines to measure brain activity, and told them envision themselves running the race of their lives, from start to finish. As they envisioned their race, from the comfort of a chair, their bodies were responding as if they were actually doing the race! Their heart rates increased and their muscles were firing up as they would as if the race was happening right there, in real time. So cool!

5 easy steps to envision your success:

  1. Begin from the end result. Not kidding. Start at the end. Picture yourself driving home with a smile on your face or jumping up in the air with happiness having achieved your desire.
  2. Next, embody a feeling of gratitude. – If you feel excited about what you want, it’s still not yours; it’s still outside of you as a possibility. Instead, I want you to really FEEL how happy and grateful you are to have achieved your goal. If you feel grateful – you’ve accepted that it’s yours, that you have it.
  3. Now, stand in front of a mirror and using one eye at a time, repeat your goal like this: “I am so happy and grateful that _____________”.
    Then close that eye and open the other and repeat it. Do this more than once, because that belief forms a connection within your body.
  4. Include your senses. When you are envisioning achieving your goal, does the air smell, how does the Champaign taste, what are the sounds you hear when you get to your goal?
  5. Last thing I want you to do is consistently think about getting to and achieving your goal. Go through all the steps above, then rinse and repeat over and over. I specifically want you to do this first thing in the morning and again before bed, when your subconscious is most open and receptive to new ideas and thoughts.

So get out there honeychild and start envisioning what you desire to be yours! Pronto!!!