How to “Weather” stormy times

Last week I flew to the east coast for new training and planned to meet up with a dear friend afterwards for several days of fun in the Big Apple. We had planned this girlfriend getaway at the beginning of the year and I was so looking forward to hanging out and exploring Soho, the meatpacking district, new restaurants, yoga, shopping, FUN!

After one day we discovered another mammoth Nor’easter snowstorm was confirmed to be on its way. Dang! Big change of plans.

Has that ever happened to you? Maybe not with the weather, but some area of your life is about to get stormy? You plan; you have expectations and then, bam! You see or feel a big storm brewing that has the potential to put a kibosh on the way you want things to go.

It can be very disappointing, can’t it? Might even make you angry or sad or frustrated. A part of you might even go into full denial thinking it won’t be that bad. Sound familiar?

I have to admit, that was me. I started going into denial – and then something happened that helped me move through this situation with a new perspective, ease and grace.

Through the disappointment and denial, a small inner voice surfaced saying, “ Your life will be much easier if you leave early. You may have another day of fun before the storm hits but your life will be chaos if you stay with your original departure plans. So much so you will lose the joy of what you’ve experienced so far.”

But boy was that other voice strong that was fighting for me to stay!


Remain in NYC, have another day of fun and then deal with the craziness of canceled flights – surely it will all work out???


Leave early and avert the messiness, struggle and stress.

Even as I write this it seems like a no brainer, doesn’t it? Who would put themselves through such stress? But sometimes when we want something so badly, we aren’t flexible and we don’t think logically. That’s what was going on with me, my inner child was having a tantrum and wanted to stay and play. She wasn’t seeing the BIG picture. Can you relate?

Ultimately that intuitive voice of wisdom won out.

Boy was I glad it did – it saved me lots and lots and lots of stress!

On the plane ride home I reflected on the scenario. And what I realized and learned is that we all have “weather” – whether it’s produced by Mother nature or “life”. And we all have a vision of how we want things to go. How we choose to deal with it directly affects our inner happiness and peace of mind.

So consider this question, “Where in your life do you sense some “weather” on its way? Absolutely when things aren’t working out the way you want it can be very upsetting. Trust me I get it. However, when you let go of your attachment to your desired results, get quiet and listen to that inner intuitive voice you will empower yourself and bring about a calmer, healthier outcome.

What can you do to prevent or down-grade a big storm looming? It might be a situation with your partner, your boss, a parent or child or friend. Tuning in to your Diamond Power, that power within you, that is greater than you, will guide you to the best outcome. That said, the guidance might feel kinda scary or bring up some fears or turn you in a direction you aren’t crazy about, but it will ultimately make your life so much more peaceful and happy.

So is there an action you can take or a conversation you can have that would help you avoid a BIG storm?

What I learned and want to share is that ultimately, listening and following that inner guidance brings a better outcome than you could have ever imagined or planned.

In my case, once home I realized my original “travel day” was now a free unscheduled day and that thrilled me! It allowed me to be spontaneous, check out a nearby resort, collaborate with some friends and come up with some new ideas that will make my upcoming retreat even better!

What choice will you make?

Here’s to letting go, listening to your inner Diamond Power, and calming those impending storms!


  1. Alena March 31, 2018 at 10:17 am

    Hello Sherri,

    Happy Easter if you celebrate Easter. Thank you for your tips and inspirations. I really appreciate them. You would never know it it’s spring here in Edmonton because it keeps snowing and it’s cold. Brrr! I was surprised to see the photos from your trip to Egypt. I thought it was not safe to travel there. Egypt is one of the most memorable places I visited.

    Also, I would like to ask you if you remember doing a meditation with Mark Romero’s music in the background? Well, I had it and loved it and one day, with all the upgrades the system does, my meditation disappeared. Poof! I would love to know if you still have it and if possible I could receive it from you.

    Thank you again for your love and light,