How to Truly Feel like You Are Enough

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough?

If you have, you are not alone. In my work with women, I frequently find myself in the conversation of “I don’t feel like I’m good enough.”

It makes me sad to see so many women walking the earth with a deep sense that they’re simply not enough just being who they are!

The truth is that we were each beautifully and wonderfully made. God designed us to be unique and special – and the sooner we feel that at the core of our being, the sooner we’ll be able to experience the boundless love and joy that we’re meant to feel!

Today, let’s take a look at what this “not enough” belief is all about and how it might manifest in your life.

Look for Small, Challenging Habits

When a woman doesn’t feel that she’s enough, that belief may appear in her life in all sorts of seemingly insignificant ways. She might have trouble getting to bed on time (so she never really gets enough sleep), or she might not eat healthy food (depriving herself of nourishment) or she might push away men that want to treat her well (only going for men that ignore and disrespect her).

It can manifest in all sorts of subtle ways. Do you have any habits that might be covering a “not good enough” belief?

Sometimes, when women believe they’re not good enough they do things to prove that they are. They might find themselves over-giving, sacrificing too much of themselves in the name of “generosity,” or engaging in some other behavior that looks innocent on the surface but really comes with strings attached.

When I work with clients and we pinpoint things like this, it’s amazing to dive into the conversation around personal value. Usually, when a woman realizes that she’s been mistreating herself, simply knowing that it’s happening makes a big difference. She has the opportunity to value herself from the outside in – that is, she can now take action that is loving toward herself and watch her inner perception of herself start to shift.

You Deserve Love!

Every human being deserves love, and you are no exception! I invite you to give yourself the gift of self-reflection today, and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is there an area of my life in which I feel depleted, exhausted, or like I’m not getting what I need?

2. What would it look like if I took an action today in this area of my life that was truly loving toward myself?

3. Am I willing to try it?

I hope your answer to #3 is yes. You might be wondering how you can take actions that are more loving toward yourself. Here are a few ideas: make sure you get enough sleep tonight, eat a healthy lunch so you feel light and energized in the afternoon, or set a boundary with your family and tell them you’d like someone else to make dinner tonight!

The truth is that once you begin to value and respect yourself, the other people in your life will either fall in line or fall to the sidelines; and that is a wonderful thing to experience!

Sparkling Love,

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