How to Open Your Heart and Communicate with Love

Letting love flow freely!
Do you ever find yourself wanting to love freely but something’s holding you back? Or wanting to communicate openly and honestly from the heart but you can’t get the words out and are terrified of being vulnerable? It kinda feels like your heart is landlocked and sadly, those moments where great connection can be made are lost.

Communication problems can arise when your chakras are out of whack. There are 7 main chakras going from the base of your spine to the crown of your head and they are referred to as energy vortexes. They receive, assimilate and express our life force.

If we have negative, worrisome, doubtful thoughts these sites become clogged or stuck and get in the way of the natural flow of energy. This causes us to become out of alignment with who we really are.

If you want a great love life you’ll want to make sure your heart chakra is clear and flowing freely – otherwise self-acceptance, self-love and the ability to love others will be compromised. If you have unresolved pain from past issues of the heart or your current relationship is disappointing and less than luscious at the moment you will find that you are out of balance and the goal is to get back to a happy and healthy loving state.

Take an honest look at these questions to figure out if your heart center could use a clean out and realignment:
1) Do you love yourself?
2) Are you able to forgive past hurts from others?
3) Do you blame yourself and others for all that’s wrong in your life?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then include these affirmations in your daily health regime:
1) “I am worthy of love”
2) “I release my pain and forgive the past. I am free to love.”
3) ” I am loving to myself and others.”

Take action to clear and open your heart chakra by:
1) Singing.
2) Playing with a child or pet.
3) Taking a walk in nature, admiring the beauty of a flower
4) Figuring out what brings you joy and happiness and doing it!
5) Phoning or spending time with someone you love.

Communication and relationship problems are often caused by the stress our bodies and emotions are challenged with daily. Just like brushing your teeth, make it a ritual to take care of these energy centers to bring them back into harmonious alignment. Doing this on a regular basis ensures you will be your sparkling BEST – communicating with a loving heart to form those deep bonds you not only desire, but deserve☺


  1. Kim September 10, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    I am separated from my husband of 30yrs. for 16mos. now. It is the most difficult time in my life. We are dating and trying to figure it all out. I recently went to my high school reunion and was fortunate enough to be able to reconnect with some friends from the past. What a gift to myself! It has lifted my spirits and brought back some needed self-confidence. Thanks for your words of encouragement!