How to Love with Wild Abandon

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun FREE call Friday June 25th @ 9 a.m.

When you think about being in love do you have images of opening your heart with wild abandon or do you become contracted with fear? Do you dive in fully or do you test the waters?

Join me Friday and learn how you can open your heart and speak authentically to make awesome connections with not only your loved ones, but EVERYONE. It is what all of us crave – to love and be loved…but it isn’t always easy to match the desire with the appropriate action or words.

We are born with open hearts but as we experience life we often shut our hearts down. To flourish and develop as a compassionate and loving person we need to be receptive to love which means we need to live with an open, healthy heart. The heart is the most important organ in our body, also known as the Emperor in Chinese medicine, so love is the center of our lives.

When our hearts are open we are at peace with ourselves and with those around us and we feel harmoniously balanced within ourselves. When we are able to speak purely from our hearts we are communicating in a way that creates the relationships we want.

Hop on the call and learn:

  • How to open your heart chakra
  • Identify your pleasures
  • How to give voice to your feelings
  • #1 way we sabotage relationships
  • an exercise to help you love more deeply

…and so much more!

To love!