How to Get Unstuck in Love & Life

Do you ever feel boxed in? Stuck. Anxious. Agitated.Thinking, “What’s going on is not ok, this isn’t what I signed up for, not what I was expecting, not how I want to spend my time, get me out of here, etc.” And it’s really cramping your style because it’s hard to feel fully feminine and sensual when you are agitated. But you don’t know what to do to get unstuck – so you shrink up and silently suffer.

Not anymore! There’s a simple solution that will empower you – create a new reality.

Face it. The situation isn’t going to change unless you change. Creating a new reality can mean anything from changing your physical location to changing your attitude/perspective.

Whether single, divorcing or married, there are many circumstances or environments you may wish you weren’t in – to successfully overcome the discomfort it’s important to take personal responsibility and realize you have two choices:
o Stay in it and stew
o Create a new reality

Our insightful forefather, Abraham Lincoln, says “People are about as happy as they decide to be.” And if you think about it, there is such wisdom in his statement. How you live your life is nothing more than a mind-set. If you choose not to change your mind-set you’ll experience the following three things:

* Attract more of the same – living a Ground Hog’s day existence
* Anxiety or annoyance – creating a negative vibe.
* Discomfort to those around you. Yes your mood directly affects those around you.

You may think you have the best poker face in town but your vibes speak volumes! Not only can you not hide your inner thoughts, they are magnetically attracting an equivalent match and bringing you more of what you don’t want. Yikes!

And really what’s the point of stewing – you will carry this energy into your next event of the day, or worse yet, to bed with you. If you do not ditch this energy you’ll wake up with it and start your day behind the eight ball and have another crappy day.

On the other hand, if you choose to create a new reality you will empower yourself and your life. One of my clients, Janine, did a brilliant job of this. She and her husband of 30-plus years were having a lot of marital problems. They had been living like roommates for several months and nowhere near as close as she desired. She had just enrolled in a course with me and decided to listen to one of
the bonus calls with a sensuality expert who gave lots of tips on how to seduce your man without saying a word.

One night she decided to try out a suggested seductive pose along with other flirty techniques she learned. When she heard her husband drive up she got into a curvy, sexy pose but he barely noticed her. She didn’t take it personally because she remembered the expert saying men need a woman to look at them at least four times before they “get it.” God love her, she did not give up! Nor did she allow her husband’s non-responsiveness to shut her down. Instead she patiently continued to pose every chance she got and noticed something was starting to change inside of her – she started to feel good about herself and continued for her own sheer enjoyment. Low and behold her husband suddenly locked eyes with her; they flirted and kissed and had the most passionate night she could remember in ages!

She was giddy with excitement and shared that she felt sensuous, feminine and fabulous.

It’s no coincidence that he noticed and wanted her exactly when she got to this point— she was dwelling in the sweet spot of her magnificence without any external need of attention.

That’s the secret we learn: When we’re in right relationship with ourselves, all good things flow to—and from—us

It was a valuable lesson not only for her but for everyone – whenever you are in a situation that doesn’t make you happy remind yourself that choices are always available to you. Make a conscious decision to choose that which will empower you and make you most happy.

Just a slight shift in your perspective can bring a 180 degree change in your reality. It may also open a door to learn something new about yourself – most certainly the realization that you have the power to create your reality.

The choice is always yours, either stay in your mood and stew like a miserable martyr, or create a new reality like the sparkling soul you are…who will YOU choose to be?


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