How to Get More Done!

I have been a fan of Mary Morrissey’s since I heard her give the service at Agape a few years ago. She is so authentic – very wise, inspiring and grounded. I subscribe to her Daily Dream Builder because it’s a quick read and always a great way to start my day.

Here is a message that I wanted to share with you because it tells a story highlighting a very important need that most of us overlook. I hope you get as much out of it as I did….

“Every single thought we have is either into possibility or into limitation. We can choose thoughts that make things more difficult, such as when we believe that we have to do things solely with our own power.

There’s a story about a boy and his father who were going for a walk when they came upon a great big rock in the middle of the road. The little boy asked his dad, “Do you think I could move that rock if I tried really, really hard?” His dad said to him, “I believe that if you used all your strength you could move that rock just fine.” The little boy got down and pushed his shoulder against that rock –he pushed and pushed and couldn’t move the rock.

Finally, he turned to his dad and said, “You were wrong, I can’t move that rock.” And his father said, “No, son, I said that if you used all your strength you could; because part of your strength is in asking me to help.”

Thinking into limitation means you’ve got to do it all on your own. Thinking into possibility means you can ask for help when it’s needed.”

Isn’t this an awesome reminder that it’s ok to ask for help? Connection is a very feminine trait – isolation and thinking you have to do everything on your own is masculine. The next time you find yourself thinking it’s all up to you, take a few deep breaths, call on your goddess energy and remind yourself how much more you will achieve when you reach out. And how much better you will feel by honoring your feminine…. So simple, yet so powerful. Always amazing Mary Morrissey! Thank you!