How to find happiness and love again

Many of you know what I do, but many of you don’t …and a recent conversation with a past client, Gina, inspired me to share…her results literally brought me to tears … this is WHY I do what I do…

We were talking about how far she’s come and this is some of what she said to me…

“Before I met you Sherri, I was in so much emotional pain from the betrayal bomb my husband dropped on me – I couldn’t function, couldn’t focus at work, couldn’t get up off the couch…

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Now, after working with you, I’m in the best place of my life! Your work is so fundamental. You just figured it out and nailed it. Your ability to get me into that state of complete relaxation to dig so deep into the root of all of my pain and fears and heal them I would have paid 10x the investment.

No words can describe the true inner joy I experience on a regular basis. Since getting to such a happy place and really loving my life I met someone new in the most delightful yet unexpected way. When he asked me out he said it was because there was just something about me that he was attracted to…and having this new relationship makes me feel like a teenager again – I never thought that was possible for me at 61. He honors and cherishes me in ways I’ve always desired. 

In addition, I’ve also gotten a substantial raise at work. The work you are doing is so vital – you changed my life Sherri. I can’t thank you enough.

This was so humbling and touched my heart so deeply…It blows my mind that I get to do this work. The reason I literally pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming is because there was a time MY soul was so devastated with pain from a trusted relationship gone south that I couldn’t function….some of you know this about me but some of you don’t…

I was wracked with heartache and sadness beyond anything I had ever gone through. It was more than I thought I could handle. My emotions were turned upside down, inside out and I was tormented with toxic thoughts that wouldn’t leave me alone.

Have you ever been there? If so, I’m so sorry – it’s nothing I would wish anyone to go through. It it’s happening to you now hold tight, I promise you hope. There is a way to release the jarring abrasion to your heart…

Let me share what helped me dissolve the pain and get to joy – yes joy. It was a miracle, a true miracle.

I so desperately wanted to be free from the heartbreak and so I allowed myself to receive love – pure love- from a source I did not normally turn to for comfort…Jesus. It was THE MOST exquisite feeling I had ever known…to be bathed in His healing love was bliss.

The first thing I experienced was complete peace – it replaced my despair, brokenness and hurt. And then within 24 hours of soaking in His abundant, unconditional love I actually felt joy. The joy of knowing Him, the joy of knowing how loved I was. The Truth of who I am and whose I am surpassed all earthly circumstances, all deception, all confusion – I was liberated in a way I didn’t think possible. It was so incomprehensibly glorious and mind blowing.

Since then I left my successful career in fashion and followed Gods nudge…It was a strong inner calling for me – to aid and facilitate soul liberation for other women experiencing the pain of betrayal and heartache. 

I studied and learned from the best, wrote a book, and created a 7 step system to alleviate and release the ways we hold ourselves hostage when our world crumbles, so that joy and happiness can reign supreme and peace become the mantle of our thoughts. 

With the weight of your circumstances lifted, you feel free- almost giddy – as the essence of liberation soaks into every cell of your body.

It’s with this sense of total lightness of being that you walk through life with steps of trust, confidence and courage. Wisdom is your Truth and guides you to make decisions that guarantee an outcome that supports your best life. 


This has been my mission, my raison d’etre for the past 15 years and I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Never having had children, my clients are like my kids. Their wins and victories over the hurdles of their hearts cause me to beam with the same pride I imagine any parent would have when their child triumphs, grows, and becomes more of who they are meant to be. 

Quite simply…YOU matter. Your life matters.

Anything I can do to bring liberation to your soul essence and help inspire your greatest life and happiness is my complete joy. 

If you are still reading, thank you for celebrating Gina with me and taking the time to get to know why I do what I do. 

I appreciate you.