How to Cultivate Self-Worth After Betrayal

Finding your self-worth and learning to trust yourself and others again following betrayal can be a rough and arduous journey.

It is a time when finding those who have faced similar challenges or dedicated their lives to supporting women in such a position is the lifeline that makes all the difference.

Here’s a simple truth… if you want to step into the next chapter in your life feeling empowered and back in control again – you get to fully embrace WHO you are and KNOW you are worthy of an incredible future.

Saying, “I am not good enough”, must never be uttered again!

Many of you know my betrayal story but for those of you who don’t, it was one of the most devastating times of my life. I remember when I discovered my husband had been masquerading as a single man for the majority of our marriage and living a double life with a woman in Chicago. Shocking. Humiliating. Heartbreaking.

It was the biggest challenge of my life to rise up and truly live again. Once I did it became my calling to support and help other women experiencing betrayal understand their value and get to the other side.

That’s why I am so thrilled to bring you an interview my friend and colleague Fiona Jayne did with me – she asked me very specific questions on how to re-invent your life and rediscover yourself after being betrayed. It’s a very empowering conversation full of strategies and tips to help women cultivate self-worth, strength and confidence.

This interview has been designed in response to feedback from women who are tired of  not feeling good enough, are serious about becoming the best version of themselves and quite simply want to rock a new chapter in their life and never look back.

I am so excited to SUPPORT YOU to master your life and offer empowering tools and tips that will help you live to your fullest potential and confidently move forward on your journey.

Together, we want to help you with the ‘WHAT’ and the ‘HOW’.

This is a great opportunity for anyone in my community who has experienced a betrayal.

I wish I had had access to this back then, I know it will be of enormous benefit to my community, which is why I am so grateful to Fiona for the interview and that I get to share it with you now.

With love,

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