How To Be Happy Every Day

march 5 emailIt’s easy to come up with reasons why we can’t be happy.

As a matter of fact some people have more excuses than Carters has pills.

Maybe you think you have an excuse to be sad or upset; traffic was bad, he hurt me, didn’t keep his word, he betrayed me.

Or you may think you have an excuse to settle for where you are; you had a bad childhood, you went through a brutal break up, your partner doesn’t support you.

The truth is as long as you blame the past, a friend, your partner, the traffic, the weather – you name it… you will justify where you are and stay stuck in unhappiness.

Believe me, I put off writing my book for many years because of ALL the excuses I had that seemed totally justifiable. I didn’t have time, didn’t have the money, didn’t have an agent. To be honest, under all the excuses was a fear that what I had to say wasn’t important enough to put into print. I was stuck in my fear until I found the courage to just go for it.

I get it!!

But at some point, if you want to move forward, if you want to invite happiness in, you have to ditch the excuses. Even if they are valid excuses like betrayal, abandonment, disappointment or death – toss them out. They are keeping you from your joy.

Ahhh. Joy. Happiness. Big, bright smiles. I’m reminded of my volunteer experience last year in Liberia, Africa. The people were so happy and they had nothing to speak of materially – living in concrete shacks with virtually no furniture, wearing the same clothes every day, sweltering in the high heat and humidity, no internet, no TV, – and forget about Starbucks they didn’t have enough food in their belly….these people had plenty of reasons to be depressed so how was it they were so gloriously happy?

One woman in particular, “Mama” (leaning sideways with a huge smile in the pic above), made a lasting impression on me and everyone on the trip. Mama breaks it down so simply – she says, “Every day that I open my eyes is a good day.” Mama doesn’t wait for something to happen “for her” or “to her” to be happy. She doesn’t lament about being poor, the heat, the war torn country or the way things are for her and her family. She knows the secret to happiness – she has an inner sparkle.

It’s the same secret I teach in the SPARKLE Program.

Listen, you can sit around waiting for outside circumstances to make you happy: the stars to align perfectly, those sexy shoes you’ve been eyeing to go on sale, your partner to apologize for that unspeakable thing he did, OR you can live like Mama…happy daily – REGARDLESS.

Being happy is possible for you – stop waiting and take action to make it your emotion of choice NOW.

Granted, even if you desire to change, it’s sometimes hard to know how to change. My good friend Mat Boggs says, “It’s hard to see the picture when you are in the frame.” Man is that ever true!

So if this is where you are at, and you are ready to leap to the other side, I invite you to consider the SPARKLE program because it will get you there.

Here are three of its top benefits: 

  1. You get a plan for happiness
  2. Freedom from emotional pain
  3. Life becomes FUN again
Wouldn’t you like to live with as much happiness as Mama no matter what is going on in your life?

If you are DONE putting off your happiness, book a time to talk with me  because baby, you deserve a life of smiles for no reason:))

With love,


  1. Suzanne Rogers March 5, 2015 at 8:47 pm

    Hi! Ive been reading yoru blogs for the past year and I dont undersdtand how to turn my life around…..I’m just so sick and tired of feeling sh+tty! I’m 50, attractive, basically very healthy…but alone and not happy! 🙁
    I have had ADHD all my life and its tumultuous to say the least…I’m not sure if youve ever dealt with anyone with TRUE ADD/ADHD but it aint pretty…hahaha.

    While Ive always been very creative, energetic and FUN…my life has been chaotic at best….I’m on my 3rd job (3rd employer) and 3rd residence as of 2014-15. Even though men are VERY interested in me at the start, I cannot keep them interested for the long term (3 mos…lol) as I’m either too emotional or too absent in the relationship and we end of parting ways….

    Not sure what I’m going to do w/my life now as this past year Ive lost contact w/a few good friends & most of my “once supportive” family members (due to not understanding “where I’m coming from” or “why I make the erratic decisions that I make”), and they dont know how to handle me, so they just stop contacting me…. 🙁 ….Life is stressing me out so bad i ended up in the ER 2 mos ago and I’m scared for my future – IF I EVEN CARE ABOUT IT ANYMORE?! 🙁