How the Strawberry Moon Might Affect You.

Tonight is the night of the Strawberry Moon. The Strawberry Moon is a Supermoon, a full moon during its closest approach to Earth.

Have you ever noticed yourself feeling a little different during the full moon?

For generations, people have been feeling the effects of the moon. Sometimes those effects leave us feeling a little off-kilter, but with the right tools and intentions, you can use this natural phenomenon to your advantage.

Tonight’s Supermoon symbolizes the culmination and release of energy. Meaning that this is the best time to release the things that no longer serve us. To clean our slates just in time to make the most out of the second half of this year.

So, how can you take advantage of the Strawberry moon’s appearance?

  1. Take some time to meditate.
  2. Immerse yourselves in the healing waves of a sound bath. I created a special Supermoon Sound Bath designed to help you relax and release. (Watch the video below.)
  3. Enjoy the view. The peak time to view the Strawberry moon in Los Angeles is during its rise at 8:56 p.m. PDT

In the Full Moon Miracle Release with Soothing Sound Vibrations video, I guide you through a 10-minute sound bath that will help you to re-center, release, and ready yourself for an expansive second half of the year.

With Love,