How Self-love Will Help You Find Mr. Right

Have you found yourself wondering if you’ll ever find the right romantic partner? Are you wrestling with the thought that it might not be possible for you?

You are not alone. Plenty of women, just like you, have wondered the same thing a time or two.

That’s why I interviewed Patty Contenta, so she can tell her story of relationship woes to a relationship WOW!

After several toxic relationships, Patty discovered the secret to attracting the right partner.

In this conversation with Patty, we discuss the importance of self-love and how to attract your soulmate. Watch this interview to learn the steps Patty took….

Patty’s story starts many years ago when she started the divorce process with her then-husband. It was a toxic relationship, which was followed by several other toxic relationships. She subsequently dated several men who didn’t have respect for her. She always wanted to be in a committed, mutually respectful relationship but wasn’t sure if she would ever find it.

She began her transformation by deciding to accept each relationship as a learning process.

Patty also started to do a lot of inner work. She was evolving in many areas. She knew that she didn’t want a romantic relationship to be the central part of her life. By not getting caught up in the negatives, and by continuing to embrace the importance of self-love was able to attract men who were increasingly better.

If you’re wondering how to attract your soul mate, it all starts with loving you first. Find out what that looks like from Patty in our interview where she shares the steps she took to find lasting and WOW love.

In Love,

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