Have you felt this way? Here’s how to fix it.

Have you ever felt exhausted? Too Busy? Burnt out? Have you resented your work, even if you’re doing what you love?

There were times in my life where I definitely did.

I didn’t want to feel like that, but I let it happen. I justified it by telling myself that I had to work like crazy and put playtime on the backburner if I was going to grow my business.

I was always too busy. Too busy to see my girlfriends. Too busy to go out. Too busy to do anything fun just for the sake of having fun.

Life had become too serious.

The problem with living that way is that your soul needs playtime. You are meant to have fun in your life!! You are meant to take time to recharge and refill your well of happiness. If you don’t nourish your sparkling essence, you can’t be a better lover, mother, friend, or entrepreneur.

You need playtime in your life.

Daniel Gilbert and Matthew Killingsworth of Harvard University did a study and discovered adults spend only about 50% of their time in the present moment. The other half is spent wandering, and their research found that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind exhausting itself through negative emotions. Yikes!

Research shows when you are playing, laughing, having fun it puts a stop to the thoughts about the past and future, and you become fully present.

So take a moment, think back to when you were a kid and what you loved to do. I loved being outdoors and being active, and playing with my friends. One of my besties loved making (and I mean making, from scratch!) clothes for her dolls.

What did you love to do? What could you do right now in the sense of play that would lite you up?

One of my Sparkle clients had a dinner party recently, and she had the most brilliant way to break the ice with her guests. At each place setting, she put a bottle of bubbles, the kind with the dipstick that you blow on… remember those? Her guests saw this and immediately began to giggle, like seriously? Bubbles? No one did anything until one of the guests opened hers up and blew bubbles everywhere. The battle of the bubbles was ON!

This game was a definite crowd pleaser and a terrific icebreaker – allowing the guests to instantly drop any insecurities or shyness with which they may have arrived. Moreover, it set the tone for the rest of the evening. They had a blast!

Here’s the thing about having fun; when you spend all your time buttoned-up, not doing anything for yourself at all, your well of happiness and even your well of ability and creativity can run dry. You do not serve your clients, family, or friends in the same way as when you are feeling whole and happy, and you close yourself off to what you want most in life, a deep connection with yourself and others.

When you permit yourself to have some fun, it fills your inner Diamond cup up; you begin to sparkle and approach life, work, and relationships with less stress and resentment.

The best part of playtime is this – it doesn’t take much effort!

So get out there and play!

Sparkling Love,

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