Guided Meditation to Get Your “Sparkle” On!

It’s not only a new year, it’s a new decade, new moon, and a new opportunity to get your “Sparkle” on!!

Have you mapped out your sassy intentions for the year? Isn’t it time to make those BIG dreams a reality girlfriend? One thing that keeps hitting me smack dab in the kisser is that THIS IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL – THIS IS IT!!!!!! Times a wasting if we aren’t moving in the direction of our best life.

SO, If you want BIG changes you will need to have a BIG vision and a solid Plan of Action…I myself have committed to bringing all that I’ve had on the back burner to the forefront of my life in 2010 – but I needed inspiration…so I went to a fabulous visioning workshop last week facilitated by my good friend Mat Boggs. It was so incredible I got his blessing to share it with you…so you too can be inspired.

Listen to this guided meditation and allow your mind to run free – conjuring up the juiciest possibilities imaginable in the following important areas:

  • career
  • relationship
  • health
  • prosperity
  • spirituality

Make sure you have a journal, pen and open mind when listening so you can create like crazy!!!