Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Are you committed to finding your playful feminine spirit? How badly do you want a life of fun and romantic adventure? And when I say romantic adventure, that could mean anything from taking tango lessons with your man to being single and hooking up with your girlfriends, mastering some sensual moves and stepping out to test your new body language to test driving a sexy red porsche – it’s all a fun, romantic adventure!

My friend Jana and I ( in pic to the left) committed to weekly playtime to fan the flames of our femininity – so once a week we will get together to do something fun, girly and adventurous to unleash our creative Self expression.
Today we’re going to watch the Queen of Sensual Secrets DVD’s -how to seduce without ever being noticed…. she guarantees once you master the moves shown on these DVD’s you’ll have…

more fun in your life and I know it’s true because I’ve already been testing them out a bit and was shocked (but secretly delighted) when a 20 something glanced my way – just goes to show age means nothing – it’s the sway of the body and the curve creation that grabs the male eye.

Next week we’ll be learning some belly dancing – shopping for our sexy costumes together will be just as much fun as learning the moves. Every week it’s a new adventure…
So, girlfriends – why don’t you join us? I invite you to this playful challenge – come on, what do you have to lose but your mask, walls and controlled life? Let’s do it!!!
Whether you are with your gal pals or alone you will have a BLAST – and watch out when you are in a happy, pleasured mood!!! The sky’s the limit on what can fall into your lap!
If you’d like to join Jana and me in the Sensual Secret revolution you can purchase the DVD’s and get started ASAP. They will mail the product to you within a week.  I’ll even throw in a BONUS for you – a 60 minute Q & A that will help you understand men better!
So my Sparkling Beauties, are you in? Summer is the perfect time to start this challenge – there’s such a sense of freedom and romance in the air…
Email me and let me know if you accept the challenge and what you are doing to find your playful, sensual Self…AKA Kefi!
Love & Freedom,