Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Challenge!

Girls just wanna have fun challenge post #2…..Here I am with my dear friend, Nina, doing some hiking in Hollywood to kick off the 4th of July week-end. What a hot spot – from gorgeous g’eye candy to precious puppies to spectacular stilt performers – we saw it all!!!

To stay in the spirit of the holiday we declared independence from
all things that hold us back, interfere and distract us from getting our bod’s
in fab shape once and for all!!!

Being 40+ gals things have shifted, dropped, spread, grown,
and basically rearranged in such a way we can either laugh or cry! We vowed
to accept and love ourselves regardless,
do our best and make sure we have fun with every active adventure we
engage in. We also embraced a new theme with this desire – one of cardio
health, fitness and strength for internal health.

We want to be actively involved with our Girls Just Wanna
Have Fun
activities into our 90’s and that requires an overall fitness attitude
honoring our bodies as the goddess temples that they are!

Our Kefi (passionate and spirited) attitude about health and

~choose exercises that we enjoy and view as FUN

~try new hikes to keep it interesting and exciting

~schedule exercise so we get it into our day without excuses

~make healthy food choices – saying sayonara to white flour
products and sugar.

~visit homeopathic store and get a good supplement plan
going that’s doable in all ways.

After hiking we went to lunch and had healthy salads in a
super festive restaurant – we left feeling so good about our afternoon and our
new Beautiful Body strategy – the key being – it has to be fun and it has to be
– whooohooo I love this challenge it’s encompassing so many different
area’s of my life!

To your sparkling health and freedom!