Getting to Sensual…

How comfortable are you with expressing your sensuality? Hahmmmm…In other words have you spent so much time setting career goals that you’ve forgotten how to flirt and sashay a bit? Or maybe you’ve sacrificed for your kids and your man and now you don’t even know who you are anymore… I have lots of friends in this last category….but it’s easy to get back what you’ve naturally been blessed with. As easy as getting back on a bike…

You just need a little reminder…so go ahead, take a look and embody these four keys to unlocking the passionate life you know is yours…somewhere!

#1 –

Unearthing and owning your inner sparkle. The Greeks call
this your Kefi – it’s the passion, the magnetic charm and enthusiasm for life
and love that every woman is born with. When you tap into and express this
diamond essence you become positively irresistible, especially to men.

#2 –

Accessing and owning your sensuality. When you understand where you are at
and where you want to go you can build your bridge. Connect with your raw feminine power. Focusing on your positive attributes. Being soft, sexy and feminine will help you feel
more beautiful. So start your Sparkling Factor List today.


Changing your limiting beliefs to own your enchantress. Your
subconscious mind runs the show and this is where your limiting beliefs began
and live.  While some beliefs are good others are negative and can create
resistance to expressing your sensuality and playfulness.


Unleashing your playful feminine spirit. To live a life of
pleasure you must know pleasure! Making fun and pleasure a priority is the
first step. Give yourself permission to unleash your passionate,
playful side you will free yourself to live, laugh and love fully

Now go embrace these 4 keys and you’ll be living a delicious,
magical, love-my-love-life kind of life!

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