From Stuck to Self-Love: Melissa’s Testimonial

One of the GREATEST joys of my heart is witnessing the transformation of the women I am privileged to work with. It’s humbling and fulfilling all at once.

Seriously, I feel like a proud mama …and want to share these words just sent to me from Melissa in New Zealand…

Before I signed up for your 12 month transformational programme I was feeling lost, directionless and stuck 80% of the time.  I knew that I wanted to change so that I was living a more fulfilling life, but when I started to make changes I would feel fearful and this would stop me in my tracks. 

I started to see that at the root of my intimate relationship difficulties was the lack of value I was showing towards myself.  When I signed up for your programme my goal was to learn how to love and value myself no matter what the circumstances were. 

Sherri, you created a safe space for self-focus in a loving way.  You helped me focus on myself in a way that was self-reflective and gave me ways to move out of being stuck as well as understanding what was keeping me stuck.  You were positive, compassionate, validating, loving and genuine and walked right alongside me every step of the way.  You were my number one supporter and never for one moment did you doubt that I could do this. 

This programme has been life changing, not only am I completely unstuck I am free.  I know my worth and value and while there have been painful moments of letting go, I have opened up to the new. I am pursuing hobbies and interests, have made new friends who share the same values as me, I am pursuing career opportunities and am even eating differently. 

The biggest change is I feel self-contentment and can rely on my inner wisdom for the answers and solutions I seek.  I can trust myself to do what is in my best interest as well as in the best interest of others.   

I highly recommend this programme, Sherri  you have been a miracle to me and I am so grateful to have completed your programme. So much Love and hugs to you Sherri … words cannot express my gratitude x  ~ Melissa, New Zealand

If YOU want these same results reach out to me today… I work with clients around the world…

To your emotional freedom!

Big hugs and love,