Friday Morning: Belly Dancing Secrets

Interview with Eclectic Belly Dancer, Freya

Want to mesmerize your man?

Try some eclectic belly dancing…
Quite the fun and flirty swirl of
sensual movement.

This week’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun interviews Freya who will share her fresh approach to this alluring dance helping you awaken both your feminine and masculine energies to bring an excited aliveness to your Being!

This call was pre-recorded, and whoooaa what a fantastic call – touching on all the gooey (Freya’s favorite word!) and luscious feelings we women express when we let our bodies flow with the music and the moment…very delicious!

To learn how to move those hips click on the link below:

Use the above link to catch the replay for 72 hours after the call

To your beauty & brilliance,