Forgiveness – the fastest path to love and freedom – and yet so many of us struggle with this – thinking if we forgive we are condoning so we hold on to our anger and righteousness with a vice-like grip…along with this grip comes a closed heart keeping us from the love and happiness we want – silly, yes?

We all need a reminder on why it’s so important to forgive so when I came across this inspirational message on forgiveness I did a copy and paste so I could share with you….


Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to hang out with the people you are forgiving, or even talk to them again, for that matter. It means doing what makes you feel balanced & grounded & secure as you go out and live your life.

There is however a process… There is a path to forgiveness. You cannot simply say, “I forgive you” unless you feel it. Those words don’t mean as much if you still have deep-seated resentment simmering inside.

Forgiveness means seeing those who have hurt you in a new light. It can come from knowing that soul part of you that has never been hurt or harmed and can never be anything less than all-that-is.

It comes from taking it to a new place… maybe even a place of seeing the light AND the flaws in those that have “done you wrong” perhaps even with a measure of compassion for them.

The result of forgiveness is feeling safe & good about yourself. From it comes the natural feeling of affection & love. And from that flow, abundance, balance and a GREAT life.

To your freedom! xo