Forgiveness Challenge For Relationship Success

When you think about your ideal relationship does it inspire feelings similar to that of a roaring fire? If you are like most women you dream of:

  • passion
  • warmth
  • intimacy
  • exciting flames of romantic love.…

Yet most of our realities are far from that fanstasy. The good news is you can have that amazing never-ending life of romantic adventure …

Even if, at this moment, it feels so foreign you think you’ll need a passport with a love map to get there…

Last weeks Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Friday call showed you that
it’s actually not such a long journey to your dream…the key is to travel light.

Most of us have WAY too much baggage we insist on carrying around …
Full length ensembles to protect yourself, cover-up your hurt heart and keep you in a suit of armor so you are impenetrable

Heaven forbid your vulnerabilities be exposed!
All these clever disguises are keeping you from getting your sparkle on!

The journey of Forgiveness ( Colin Tipping’s 13-step process) will help you to free yourself of all the unwanted baggage that keeps you from having that blissful connection to love in your life.

Click here and listen to the replay

challenge YOU to choose one person or situation to forgive every day

for the next 30 days…by the way, don’t forget to include yourself in

the mix!

This call and the challenge, if practiced with daily discipline, will help you release heartache, resentment, judgment and pain to help you get your sparkle on!

I want to hear how it affects your life and relationships, so please share your stories @:

Your courage to heal will help heal your loved ones and the planet! So pass it on!

Get those fires roaring! xoxo Sherri