Flirty Body Language Series – Part 5 of 7

What’s in a Face?

Whether single or in a relationship, to attract or draw
attention you put your best face forward – going out of your way to be visually appealing. This means
different things to different women, but to most it means adding allure with
make-up, hairdos and friendly facial expression

Even though your face makes up less than 5% of the body
surface it is the canvas of your personality and image and sensuality.

The most memorable faces are either very ugly or very
beautiful. Ok, I know what you’re thinking, not everyone is blessed with what
society considers “beauty.” But of course, a face doesn’t have to be drop dead
gorgeous to attract the opposite sex because every face has its own visual

As a matter of fact the most interesting faces have
idiosyncratic “signature” traits like Tom Cruise boyish grin or Elvis Presley’s
upper lip curl that gave him a “bad-boy” look. And what about Sarah Jessica
Parkers nose? The facial expressions and personality of these famous faces make
them memorable as opposed to perfect features and symmetry.

Which brings me to facial movements considered to be more
beguiling than the features themselves. So, if you have plain features you can
light up your face with expressive lips, eyelids, and brow motion.

And I love this little fact – research in social psychology
shows that men find expressive faces far more attractive and appealing than
beautiful ones.

So, next time you are out and about or on a date night make
sure you are fully facially expressed to amplify your attraction factor!

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