Flirty Body Language Series – Part 4 of 7

Beguiling Brows

Eyebrows. Who knew the peak of your brow played such a big
role in flirty body language? But it definitely does. If you’ve got the famous
Marilyn Monroe eyebrow arch your “flirt factor” is much higher than say Brooke
Shields who sports a straight brow.

According to David Givens, PhD, the horizontal eyebrow, more
common in men, conveys authority, masculinity and seriousness. In his book, Love Signals, he says, ”The uplifted
appearance of a woman’s eyebrows defines a mood of eagerness, happiness, and
“wide-eyed innocence.” Masculine brows suggest strength in reserve, whereas
feminine designs invite approach with their suggestion of friendliness.”

Let’s take a closer look at Marilyn’s eyes – they powerfully
draw you in and seduce. She was a perfectionist about the “design” of her looks
and worked with legendary Hollywood make-up artist, Whitey Snyder, to create a
brow frame that brings your eye to hers like the rings of a target brings eyes
to a bull’s eye. Brilliant!

The secret to Snyder’s success was penciling peaks in her
brow precisely above Marilyn’s pupils and just outside the center of her eyes.
These pyramidal peaks persuade the visual centers of the brain that her
eyebrows are emotionally “lifting” to attract attention. Thanks to his
expertise an attitude was created with Marilyn that millions are familiar with
at a glance.

Concurring with this philosophy, Anastasia, stylist to the
in Beverly Hills, says, “A well placed arch above the lateral edge of a
woman’s iris mimics the friendly appeal of the eyebrow flash of recognition.”

The great news is – a talented shaping artist can take an
ordinary eyebrow and transform it into an inviting brow in moments! So, get yourself a “Monroe” today and
watch how effortlessly you draw and seduce!

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