Flirty Body Language Series – Part 3 of 7

10 Tips to Show Sexual Interest

Would you like to be able to give tell-tale signs of your
sexual interest without saying a word?
The art of seduction is all about creating the anticipation of pleasure

Did you see one of my favorite movie’s, Dangerous
, with Jacqueline Bisset? A true story about a Venetian mother who teaches her daughter the art of
seduction in the 1600’s. It’s a fabulous movie that studies pleasure…and the secret of pleasure? You must know pleasure before you can give pleasure:-) If you
haven’t seen it, you have got to rent it!

In the meantime, read over these 10 tips:

-*dangle your shoe from your toe

* look at your guy a second longer than is
considered appropriate

* lick your lips

* touch him “anywhere!”

* circle the rim of your glass while looking at

* eat with pleasure and lick your fingers

* look at your man, then look down , then look
back a few more times

* cross and uncross your legs

*tilt your head to one side baring your throat

* touch or fondle your neck or necklace

If you put these 10 tips into practice you’ll be creating
some stir guaranteed!

Have you tried any of these tips? Leave me a comment and let me know how they worked for you…

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