Flirty Body Language Series – Part 1 of 7

What Do Your Hands Say?

In the 1st of our 7 flirty body language series we will be looking at hand signals -primarily the palm. Interestingly both men and women are unconsciously hip to the physical
appearance of hands, fingers, wrists, as well as their expressive shapes and

Whether sensational and single or magnificent and married a palm-up
is far more friendly than a palm-down cue. Universally a palm-up gesture
says, “I am friendly.” It captivates and charms and disarms when someone may
not be sure of your intentions.

In comparison, the palm-down is aggressive and not appropriate
in the dating stage as it makes your ideas and opinions come across too strong.
Even in an established relationship it will create tension. This can be a good
thing if…

you want to take an authoritative stand or set boundaries – but if
not, practice palms-up!

So let’s put this into a real life scenario. Say you are in
a social setting having a glass of wine.
If you want to project a friendly, approachable demeanor you’ll want to
extend your free hand with palm-up to those you are speaking with. This suggest you are open and inviting them into your space. A palm-down
gesture will not allow you to “connect” personally with anyone.

So, next time you are engaged in conversation remember,
palms-up for more smiles, attention and connection!

Give it a try and leave me a comment below as to your experience!