Flirt for Pleasure

How’s your flirt chat? Are you communicating your fabulous
femininity with a sense of fun and fervor? If you want to live with more pleasure
do yourself a favor and put your flirt power into high gear.

Men are visual so
you’ll need to get into their “eye-dar” by flashing a smile, batting an eye,
showing some skin! Whether you are single or married reconnect with
this lost art and feel your femininity explode. This purely pleasurable activity will invite him into your space and make him feel safe and excited at the same time.

You don’t need to be body beautiful or jaw dropping gorgeous to get a
man’s attention – you just have to exude confidence, playfulness and a
sense of
sensuality. My good friend, Patty Contenta, teaches this beautifully – the ” art of sensuality.”  I was speaking with one of her clients yesterday and she was telling me how “the dance move” has got men flocking to her in droves – like bees to honey!

There are so many reasons to engage in some flirty fun – so why
wait? Come down with a case of flirt fever today!