Empowerment Technique for Living Your Best Life

Spring is
and it’s so exciting! A new life, new joy, new adventures, a new

for the taking if you want it. Time to get passionate about becoming the best
version of you!

is no better way to attract what you want than with visualizing “As
if” – what do I mean by that? I mean act as though you already have what
you want – breathe it, see it, feel it – engage all the senses.

I wish for you all that your heart can hold – I want to share with you a simple
yet mighty technique to give your visualizations rocket power. If you begin
Gratitude Breathing you will not only  clear your
mind for laser focus you will also be in such an expansive state whatever you
visualize will become exponentially more powerful.

how you do it:

into your heart and hold for 6 counts. Exhale thru your solar plexis and hold
for 6 counts.  As you inhale say breathe, as you exhale say relax all the
while focusing on something you appreciate. Do this for a few minutes and
you’ll be at peace. This process was developed by Heart Math Institute to bring
your heart into resonance.

you are doing this it’s important to see yourself surrounded by white light.
Imagine a spotlight flooding your body, or maybe you’re encased in a
bubble of light or you may see light traveling up one side of your body and
down the other.  White light is a very high vibration – it will dissipate
darkness, protect and empower you.

Once you’re at peace and full of gratitude
start your visualization of the life you wantFEEL it, TASTE it..CLAIM it! Further
strengthen your intention by repeating this mantra as you vision, “Spring 2009
is MINE!”

I would love to hear how this process
worked for you – please share any experiences with me at

To Your Phenomenal Magnificence!!