Embracing a New Chapter of Life

Whooohooo birthday bash! Here I am celebrating with my life long gal pals in Ojai-they spoiled and pampered me with spa treatments, fabulous food ( check out the peanut butter/chocolate birthday torte – sumptuous!!) and loving friendship (the best gift of all!).

I thought I would be depressed about turning the big “5-0” but nothing could be further from the truth….I woke up feeling zippy, happy and blessed to be alive – to have lived to see 50…what fabulous experiences I’ve had thus far. I can’t wait to see what this new chapter and decade will bring…such a privilege to be on this planet!!

Feeling this way helped me get it – see the truth…life…a good life…is purely about perspective and attitude – looking at life as a gift puts the spring in your step and the sparkle in your eye, ALL day, EVERY day!

My  five favorite birthday gifts:

1) Gratitude- give thanks for everything in life, all experiences (good and bad – how else do you grow??)

2) Love – Family, friends  and Self… nothing trumps this connection.

3) Health – a positive mind and outlook keep the body feeling fantastic!

4) Adventure – makes you feel ALIVE!

5) Grace – the beauty and blessings of life!

50 does feel like the new 30 – nothing like a birthday to make you live life to the fullest with total appreciation – Yes!!!