Dodging the Divorce Dragon

Wowee, wouldn’t it be nice to slay the dreaded divorce
dragon? With 50 % of the nations marriages ending in disaster, have you given
much thought to how you can bond more meaningfully with your man?

NBC’s Today Show recently revealed 63% of all relationships
are having sex problems. This is one of those “red flag” areas. Many people
like to brush inconvenient truths under the carpet, but the reality is physical
closeness is necessary for bonding.

David Schnarch, clinical psychologist at the Marriage and
Family Health Center in Evergreen, Colorado, says women are confused and feel
controlled – wondering, “Am I my own person or am I your person?”

He recommends women get in touch with their feminine energy
and create what they want in their love life. If they learn to become
themselves and take control of their desires they will enjoy sex much more.

He feels couples need to build intimacy and work on personal
growth. This sexual problem is rooted in the fact that men equate sex with
intimacy and women equate emotional bonding with intimacy.

Another Today Show segment revealed that successful
relationships laugh and play. The resident therapists said fantasy and
connection is very important and that women need to unlock their imagination.

So, this all confirms the time is now for women to unleash
their deepest romantic desires and create the time and space for passion play
which will lead to emotional bonding (making women happy) and great sex (making
men happy). Win-win always wins and beats that pesky dragon J