Do you need some “YOU” time?

When was the last time you truly felt like YOU? The you that feels whole, happy, and confident. The you that not only knows who she is but is firmly anchored in that lovely space of emotional freedom. In the midst of our busy lives, we can get off balance, triggered, and go into a tailspin that leaves us feeling depleted and exhausted.

Sound familiar? So many of the women I talk to lately are telling me it’s been difficult to find “Me” time and even more challenging to find self-care time.

What about you? Are you letting yourself slip away as a priority?

If you know anything about me, you know a big part of my mission is to inspire women to take the time to create a little relaxation and have more fun. At the Soul Sparkle Virtual Retreat, we do just that.

Throughout this rejuvenating weekend retreat, you will open, release, reconnect, and revive your vibrancy and sparkling authentic essence.

You’ll set empowering intentions, find clarity, and commit to and embody your dreams in a loving space with other women just like you; successful in so many areas of their lives but still feeling as though something is missing.

If you feel like you don’t have time for yourself, I’ll teach you how to balance your busy schedule, so there’s always time in the day for YOU.

If you feel like you want to open your heart, but you’re scared to get hurt again, we’ll help you do this in a gentle, loving way.

If you feel like you’ve been living for everyone else and have lost yourself, we’ll help you increase your confidence and tap into your authentic, empowered, lit-up from the inside Self!

The 2021 VIRTUAL Soul Sparkle Retreat will transform your life by providing you with the tools and support you need to make REAL CHANGE. You will leave this soul-enriching adventure feeling like a new woman, healed and empowered, with a practical plan of action for bringing more love and joy into your daily life.

When’s the last time you felt like you did something for yourself? Do you make time to have FUN in your life?

Click here to choose YOU and sign up for the Soul Sparkle Retreat.

Sparkling love,

PS – The Soul Sparkle Virtual Retreat will take place on November 12th – 14th. The weekend schedule and what’s included in the retreat can be found here.