Do This Before 2022!

Set Yourself Up for the Best New Year with this Real Review

We’re just mere days away from ringing in the new year, but before saying sayonara to 2021, we’ve got an important task to do if we want to make 2022 the best year yet.

You may have had a tough year and can’t wait to start fresh in 2022, or maybe 2021 was full of some precious gems you want to carry into 2022. Either way, there is wisdom in it all, which will help you design a wonderful year ahead. You just need to know where to look for it.

Several years ago, I started ending each year with a “real” review; it’s fun, simple, and oh so enlightening.

I call it a “real” review because most of the time, we focus on what we didn’t accomplish or what didn’t go well, but this review helps you to see all the wisdom this past year has to offer.

My real review consists of three simple questions that will help you see all the good things that happened, clear the chaos and clutter to get the lesson and set yourself up for a spectacular and exciting New Year.

Get out your planner or calendar, a piece of paper, and some fun colored pens:

Simple and Fun “Real” Review:

  1. What did I accomplish this year/ What did I do that I am proud of?
    Get your planner out and spend 15 minutes looking back to remind yourself of all your wins! This includes both emotional and physical accomplishments.

    Maybe you stood up to your mother and set a boundary, or made a choice to eat healthy foods that nourish and make you feel energized. Perhaps you ran a 10K, realized what love means, or volunteered your time.

    Look at every little thing that moved you forward. Write it down with pride! I like to make this a fun poster that makes my heart smile by using colorful glitter glue and rhinestone stickers. Celebrate YOU!

  2. What am I leaving behind?
    You know that feeling of relief and weightlessness when you’ve finally decluttered your house? Now’s the time to declutter your mind. When you reflect on the year, you’ll notice narratives, roles, and even goals that no longer serve you.

    Maybe you were overly responsible, and now you will let go of blaming yourself when things go awry. Or perhaps you are a woman of independence, and you are going to let go of doing everything yourself and ask, dare I say it, for help! It could be you had unhealthy eating habits, and you will let go of indulging to fill a void and bring in some new empowering behaviors. Possibly you have a closet full of clothes, yet you wear the same five outfits over and over again and know it’s time to heave-ho (yes, that includes that little black dress you wore with the one you thought was “the one” and your heart sinks every time you look at it- get it out!).

    Leave behind the things that are dimming your shine. You are becoming the leading lady of your life!!! Hallelujah to that sister!

  3. What would I love in 2022?
    Get yourself a calendar, some colorful pens, and use your imagination to create a life of passion!

    Start by thinking of all the things you would love to do and fill in your calendar for the whole year.

    Decide when and how many vacations you want to take; how many fun days a month will you give yourself? Are there retreats or training’s you’d like to attend for physical, spiritual, or mind-blowing expansion? Make sure to include a bucket list item or two or three.

    Taking control of how you spend your time will create a much more balanced and happy life.

Answering the above 3 questions will make you feel lighter and as you feel lighter you’ll begin to feel more energized and open. As you feel more energized and open, you’ll step into the New Year with more confidence.

It’s time to make a change! Gather your gumption and give this a go! You’ll be glad you did!

I would love to hear about your reflections!

Leave a comment below and let me know:

1 thing you did this year that you are proud of…
~ or ~
1 thing you are letting go of…
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1 fun thing you are adding to your 2021 calendar…

Sparkling Love,

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