Divine Awakenings Training: PEACE

The Divine Awakenings training this week is focused on peace.

Lately I’ve been noticing the air has been pretty thick with uncertainty and unrest…not to mention constant distractions (from the loud judging voices in our heads to disrespectful interactions, to our endless lists, to emails/texts, etc.) making it challenging to find an anchor of inner peace. Have you noticed this?

When we are swimming in a sea circumstances and situations we can’t control, it can really make you feel stuck, frustrated, and agitated, can’t it? 

And that can just build and build into an anxious frenzy if we don’t know how to stop it…been there? 

It’s so important for us to know how to stay in our center when the outside world is constantly vying for our attention. So, this week’s training is devoted to learning how to be shaken but not stirred (always loved this classic “Bondism” rolling off of Sean Connery or Roger Moore’s lips in particular:)).

And there is nothing like this freedom!!

Tune into my training today – it’s pre-recorded – one that I did last year that I wanted to share with you again because of the importance of this topic. We start at today @ 9am pacific in my FB group, Healing Betrayal

See you there!