Divine Awakenings – Supernatural Wisdom

Would you like to get unstuck?

Would you like to know how to shift your mind for higher, wiser thinking?

Then join me today at 9am pacific – I’ll be sharing the morning message I received from Jesus (yes you read that right… every morning I grab my tumbler of coffee, pen and journal and sit down to hear what Jesus wants to tell me. I love bringing His message to you in hopes it will bring you hope.

The Divine Awakenings LIVE trainings are 15 minutes long, full of His wisdom and can be life altering.

Not sure if it’s worth your time? Let me ask you a question…Had any disruptions or curveballs lately?

Because when life throws us for a loop (and no one escapes ‘em) and we ask, “why is this happening and what do I do?”, it’s nice to know God is right there with us, available 24/7 to help us navigate these speed bumps:)

Disruptions can be shocking, devastating and definitely life-changing…even paralyzing.

We want to acknowledge them, but we surely don’t want to get stuck in them. So, what if you got a direct message from God that helped you handle your struggles… so that you can move forward with more ease and grace and WISDOM?

Would that be awesome or what??

So, if it resonates, tune in for His message..

If you want support and a supernatural perspective, join my training today!

Simply go to my FB group, Divine Healing. @ 9am pacific. If you’re not a member yet, you can still get in on the training – all you have to do is click on the link above and request to join – it’s completely complimentary.

Hope to see you there.

Big HUGE blessings!