Did you know that this was so magical?

The magic of music…

Music can take us from sad to sensual to happy and feeling vibrantly ALIVE!! Soft jazz or blues can help us wind down after a stressful day and you probably have a favorite song that immediately lifts your spirits and makes you smile!

So, it may be no surprise to learn that music has big-time physiological benefits.
When we hear music that makes us want to dance, our brains release dopamine, and we start to feel a natural high.

But did you know that music has the power to heal?

You can heal your body and mind with Sound Baths — the vibrational waves can wash away stress and anxiety.
Sound bath healing has been around for thousands of years…used by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Native Americans as an ancient form of deep meditation. Through crystal bowls, cymbals, gongs and tuning forks ambient repetitive sounds at different frequencies help enhance and guide you through your meditative experience.

This is what sound baths will do for YOU:
• Calm your body and mind.
• Can help reduce stress and anxiety.
• Can help Increase focus and clarity.
• Boosts your mood
• Improves sleep.
• Elevates feelings of spiritual and emotional well-being.

I want to invite you to experience an amazing Sound Bath for yourself!

Join me November 6th through the 8th for a virtual girls weekend to experience a Sound Bath Healing plus more!

On the first day, you will be guided by someone I’ve hand-picked to take you through an activation of your Diamond Self, which will be a deep hypnotic visualization followed by a powerful Sound Bath. This is an epic journey inward that will open you in ways you can’t imagine preparing you to release all that no longer serves you.

You do NOT want to miss it!!

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This virtual Soul Sparkle Retreat will be a spiritual self-love adventure!
Here are some nourishing experiences created and waiting for you:

  • Radiant Stretch and Gentle Yoga to open and awaken the body.
    Shamanic Fire Releasing Ceremony and Intention Setting Ceremony (with Candles) to let go of what no longer serves you (including any thoughts, fears, anxieties about COVID and the political climate)
    Dare to be Desirable masterclass to awaken your feminine essence learning body language techniques that create an inviting allure
    The Singing Field sacred experience exploring the incredible wisdom and authenticity of our ‘naked’ voice.
    Holy Love teachings by yours truly

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I look forward to seeing YOU in this radiant retreat!

Sparkling Love,