Dear Sparkle…

Dear Sparkle,

How do I make my partner and myself happy?
Thanks – Sad and Lonely

Dear Sad and Lonely,

Thank you for your question!

This is actually much easier to remedy than you may think but you have to be willing to take action. Are you game?

First I want to help you understand that yes, you are responsible for your own happiness but you are NOT responsible for your partner’s.

This is a very common thread for women. It often stems from our childhood – seeing mommy or daddy sad and thinking it’s our job to make them smile. I’m here to relieve you of that responsibility my dear. Just concentrate on yourself and you will most likely see a miraculous shift in your mans demeanor just by being in your joyful presence.

Now, what’s the quickest, easiest way to your happiness?

-Make a list of 25 things that give you that expansive, full, juicy feeling of delight
-Choose one thing every morning
-Commit to taking action and do it!

If you want to get happy it’s necessary to “Be” happy. You’ve just gotten into a rut and can’t remember what happy feels like. With a little reminding you’ll soon be singing The Hills Are Alive...

This is a FUN, simple, yet POWERFUL exercise! Get your list going and start NOW and happiness will be yours within moments!