Dear Sparkle…

Dear Sparkle,

How do I manage my time better so I have the energy and playful spirit to dedicate to my relationship? ~Running on Empty

Dear Running on Empty,

Thank you for your question!

The truth is most women are like super heroes, saying yes to every request and piling on the tasks till they are completely burned out at the end of the day feeling far from sexy or playful.

The key is to make pleasure and fun a part of your day and make your relationship a priority, Think about those heady days of dating – you made plenty of time to look your best and enjoy each other fully. Where did that spontaneous woman go? She needs to find her way back!

She’s in there, you’ve just forgotten about her and need a little reminding how to reclaim her playful spirit. So, I invite you to join our Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Challenge to get your passionate, sensational self back. It’s a fantastic support and will inspire you to make living, laughing and loving a focus.

It’s really not a matter of time my dear – it’s a matter of how you want your life to be – what’s important and what can wait. What you think you HAVE to do vs. what you really WANT to do.
Why don’t you schedule your playtime into your weekly planner? You wouldn’t blow off a client or a dr. appt would you? So why are you blowing off your need for fun and romantic adventure? Reclaim your sensational sexy Self now by declaring your desire for this important aspect of your relationship.

Do it NOW!
Love & Freedom,