Dear Sparkle…

Dear Sparkle,

How do I make myself fun, interesting, and happy? (I am kind of seeing myself as a boring person without much imagination or creativity)

~Thanks, Wannabe Winning

Dear Wannabe Winning,

Thank you for your question!

I get asked this often and it’s easier than you think to become more fun, interesting and happy.

Fun is really about your attitude – a light heart, an open mind and the ability to play. Get in touch with your inner child – what did you like to do when you were young? As we grow older we often get way too serious. There is no room for frivolity if you are structured and serious.

If you want to be more fun ask yourself what “fun” means to you. It’s different for everyone – someone might think going to the beach is a gas whereas another would think race car driving is a blast and yet another would say dancing is their favorite past time. What is it for YOU? If you don’t know, ask yourself what sounds fun and try it. Search your local paper for events and start going to whatever sparks your interest.

Finally, use the power of suggestion – say to yourself frequently throughout the day, “I am Fun!“Just saying this will bring opportunities to frolic and put you in a playful state.

Interesting people are usually interested in others and in life. When talking to someone ask questions about their interests and I guarantee that person will leave the conversation feeling fabulous and thinking you are incredible!

Becoming more interesting also piggyback’s on your quest for fun – when you are doing fun things you’ve always got something interesting to talk about. It’s a win-win!

The combination of the two will bring you more happiness in your life – you’ll feel more alive and fulfilled. So start playing!

Love & Freedom,