Creating the Love Life You Desire!

Wow I’ve discovered a new meditation that totally rocks!! It’s so
easy and it works!!! I want to share it with you so you can start
creating the life you want pronto!

Here’s what you do:
Start the morning sitting in a meditative position in a quiet place
where you’ll be alone.  Inhale, then say, “ahhhhh” for the length of
your outbreath. This clears your chakra’s. Do this  a few times.
Visualize what you want to manifest as you are going thru your “Ah’s” –
this can be money, a relationship, happiness, a new car, ANYTHING. And
send this vision out your third eye (area between your eyes on your
forehead) while you are exhaling and saying “Ah.” Really feel like you
have what you are focusing on. This is sending your desire out to the
universe with maximum effect.
3) Continue for 15 minutes.
Before you go to sleep get in a quiet place and now take a deep breath
in and and as you breath out say “om” . While you are saying “OM” think
of all you are grateful for. Do this for 15 minutes and go to sleep.
manifest quicker than you can imagine. The first day I did this I was
offered an article writing job for a leading relationship company. The
second day a friend invited me to an all expense paid 4 day holiday in
Colorado. The third day I received an unexpected check and it just
keeps getting better and better every day.
Another benefit – the vibration of the Ah and Om put you in a great mood:-)
Happy chanting!