Confidence Booster

How’s your confidence? Do you find yourself doubting your abilities and talents – letting other peoples less than sparkling opinions of you determine your value? Or maybe you’re like me and just want to do something to challenge yourself – something you never thought you would do, something that seemed out of your league but accomplishing it would make you feel proud and able to declare “Wow, I did it!”

Last May my nephew sent me a video of the Ironman he participated in with an encouraging note to consider something similar because it was so AMAZING! While watching I have to admit I was in tears, sooooo inspired by all the people from all walks of life who had the fortitude and dedication to train and cross the finish line.

So I started toying with the idea of doing some sort of physical challenge that would make me proud of me. I decided to take my nephew up on his suggestion and commit to a triathlon and am declaring it publicly so there’s no backing out – LOL.

This is something I never dreamed of doing but am way excited! And you better be sure I gathered my support/accountability team to make sure I stay the course! My best friend, Vicki and her daughter are joining me so we will all be on a training program together.

So what can you bring into your life to challenge yourself physically and build your confidence? It doesn’t have to be as big as a triathlon or outrageous as an Ironman but where can you start? Joining a gym, daily walks, taking up yoga, a 5K race, or maybe even a marathon will help you start believing in yourself and feeling good about yourself again.

I invite you to watch this video that inspired me and see what starts to percolate in you!!! Whatever you decide upon enlist a friend or sister or co-hort to join you for accountability – it will help you from sliding and keep you going when you may want to give up. We all need support!

Please share any thoughts or feelings – I would LOVE to support YOU and your goals!
To boosting your confidence!